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The Oathtaker - Broken

Katya Greenleaf has given herself over to the thrill of combat countless times during her years as an Oathtaker. Alongside her mentor Shira, she sought out evil - pirates, slavers, dark mages, and demon hordes.

Occasionally, she finds comfort in the company of other females encountered in her travels, and despite her mother’s best efforts she has no desire to settle for a traditional elven life and family.

After decades of taking joy from the fight, no matter the odds, Katya leads a group of Oathtakers into disastrous battle, costing the life of everyone around her, including Shira.  Katya survives, but with neither body nor spirit intact, haunted by her life of violence and death in the name of her oath.

Now, the red-haired warrior will find her greatest challenge in a battle against a different sort of demon; ones that live in her mind and haunt her sleep.

As she heals, Katya is reminded that there is more to life than blood and iron by a compelling human named Lili, who not only catches Katya’s interest, but forces her to re-think her life and her mission.


"A lovely exploration of trauma and love with action and adventure at its core..."

- Backpack Snackpack, Amazon

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