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the oathtaker trilogy

Gifted warrior and enigma in the elven race, Katya Greenleaf has sworn the Blood Oath, swearing to hunt down and eliminate evil in all forms. Katya loves the thrill of battle and has no desire for the safe but dull life her parents wish for her. After a routine battle turns disastrous, she loses herself in a downward spiral of trauma, violence and addiction, pushing away anyone and everyone. After finally realizing that this is a battle she can’t  win herself, Katya begins peeling back the layers of her life in an effort to come to terms with her past, save her present, and rebuild her future.

the oathtaker: broken

A Novel 

After a life of death and violence brings her world crashing down, elven Oathtaker Katya Greenleaf must wage her toughest battle yet.  Facing down the demons that haunt her memories and threaten her soul, spirit, and very identity as a warrior.

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The oathtaker - rising

After confronting the impact of surrounding herself with years of trauma, chaos, and death, Katya Greenleaf is carrying on the journey of healing she started in ‘Oathtaker Broken.’ Aside from confronting the demons that haunted her, Katya makes it her mission to explore the truth behind the Council of Oathtakers and separate the reality from the myths. What she finds not only shakes Katya to her core but changes the course of her life forever.

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The oathtaker - reborn

Having uncovered the centuries-old reality of the Council of Oathtakers, Katya turns down the opportunity to become part of the charade. As a result, Katya is on the run from the totality of the Council’s power and influence. With one slim possibility for salvation, Katya ends up on a last-ditch mission that takes her inevitably towards a confrontation with the most powerful members of the Council, The Three.

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