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How and Where You Write Matter!

When I first started writing seriously, a mentor told me that it was important to have a spot of your own in which to do so; someplace where the creative juices would flow and you felt confident and ambitious. For some people, that's their lap wherever they may find themselves. For others, a swanky little coffee shop. Yet others hit up a library, looking for inspiration among the stacks of literature.

For me, it's my desk, in my office, surrounded by all the things that make me feel creative.

What might those things be, you ask? Well, to be honest, most of them are quite nerdly in nature. But I'm cool with that. These things are nostalgic, evoking memories of my youth, when my character Katya was 'born' in 1990, as well as things that have inspired the adult JB into worlds of fantasy, sci-fi, and animation.

But what about specifics? Alright, I'm getting to that. Here is a short list:

-a replica lightsaber

-a 30th anniversary Optimus Prime

-Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow Funko pops

-2 Infinity Gauntlets, one collector and one Lego

-a large-scale Godzilla figure

-a Fallout Power Armour Funko pop

-a life-size Darth Vader helmet

-an armoured Batman from The Dark Knight Returns

-several classic video game consoles

-a Lego Razorcrest from The Mandalorian

-all the Grand Admiral Thrawn books, both Legends and Canon

-the first print copies of all my books

-pictures of my wife, kids, and pets - they're my inspiration, after all

That's by no means a complete list, but it is pretty representative of what's around me when I write. I enjoy sitting at a large, solid desk, tapping away on my laptop, in a comfy gaming chair.

My setup isn't for everyone, but no two authors are alike!

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