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Oathtakers Unite!

Hi there. I’m JB, and I’m very happy to be introducing the world to Katya Greenleaf, the hero of my upcoming novel “Oathtaker – Broken”. Now in pre-order and releasing on February 28th, 2023. “Broken” is the first of the planned “Oathtaker” trilogy.

Katya is a member of the Oathtakers, an ancient order dedicated to combating evil, chaos and disorder in all its forms in the world of Nakall. While she has no problem getting her hands dirty on the battlefield, she is also an excellent tactician, thief, spy, diplomat, or, when extreme measures are in order, assassin.

Katya experiences a traumatic incident at the beginning of the book that changes her worldview overnight. “Broken” details her struggle and journey back to being the warrior she once was.

I found it very rewarding that I was able to use some of my own experiences with real-world trauma and recovery to shape Kat’s story and bring life to a character who has been part of my imagination for over 30 years!

In future posts I’ll share more about where Katya came from (in my mind, anyways) and her motivations. I’ll also get into my writing process and some of the fun and nerdy things that inspire me.

I’m glad you’ll be joining me for the journey.

Oathtakers unite!

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